From Boston Evening Transcript 1910 by William Bradford Browne

Additions to Note *1302.. "Shawshin," June 6, 1910. I think most of the Transcript readers are aware of the difficulty in getting records in Vermont, and all who can add anything to the scanty records available of that State should send them in. The probate and land Index lists which are occasionally printed in the Transcript are of great help and it may be the following list of the Freemen of Pownal, VT, may help locate some long-sought ancestor. This list appears on the first page of the town record, and was deciphered with great difficulty, and in a short time will be entirely illegible. Some of the names were only deciphered by the aid of the land records. These men are mostly from Rhode Island, a few were from Connecticut, and almost all served In the Revolution. Many of them are of families already traced by me, and their lines can be furnished to anyone Interested.


Angel, Abiather
Aylesworth, John
Baker, George
Barber, Joseph
Bates, Francis
Bates, Josiah
Bates, William
Briggs, Benjamin
Briggs, Joseph
Briggs, Micah
Brown, Richard
Brown, William
Brown, WIlliam
Burlison, Return, Jr,
Card, Benjamin
Card, Daniel
Card, Elisha
Card, Jonathan
Card, William
Cary, David
Dunning, John
Dunning, Micah
Eldrich, Jeremiah
Eldrich, John
Eldrich, Nathan
Eldrich, Samuel
Gardner, Abraham
Gardner, Benjamin, Elder
Gardner, Benjamin, Jr,
Gardner, David
Green, Job
Grover, Isaac
Harlow, Isaac
Hendrick, William
Herenden, Elisha
Hungerford, Amasa
Jenks, Dickinson
Jewitt, Thomas
Lareby, John
Mallery, David
Mattison, James
Mattison, Joshua
Miers, Daniel
Morgan, Benjamin
Morgan, Caleb
Morgan, Joseph
Oles, Jonathan
Osburn, Stephen
Page, David
Parker, Abel
Parker, Elisha
Parker, George
Perigo, John
Perigo, Stephen
Phillips, Daniel
Phillips, James
Popple, Samuel
Potter, John
Potter, Nicholas
Pratt, Benjamin
Reynolds, Caleb
Robards, Peter
Robards, Samuel
Seeley, Ebenezer
Seeley, Nathaniel
Sykes, John
Thompson, Hugh
Watson, Silas
Weaver, Richard
Weaver, Rufus
Welch, Samuel
Whaley, Isaac
Williams, Israel
Williams, Joseph
Williams, Joseph, Jr,
Witton, Witherell
Woolcott, Elijah
Wright, Charles
Wright, Josiah